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Pearl Pin Wheels

Pearl Pin Wheels

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Are you looking at our products and thinking, "Hey, these colors look pretty different "

Well, we hear you. And we're so sorry. It's just that well, computer monitors aren't calibrated equally and color reproduction on the Internet is not precise. It's really hard to make sure that what you see accurately portrays the actual product!

So we've made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of the products we carry but it's impossible for us to guarantee that what you see is an exact representation.

We can only tell you that if two products have the same name for a color but they don't look exactly like one another, that doesn't mean they're not related or similar just different shades of the same color family. And it also doesn't mean that all products with a particular name are going to look like their namesake in real life especially when they come from different factories/manufacturers/brands with different processes involved in making them.

Yours Truly,

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